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In the story of my life, family is the heartbeat that gives rhythm to everything. Their laughter, the shared moments, they're what keeps me grounded and inspired. It's not just about having a family; it's about having this incredible support system that stands by you through thick and thin.

Now, when it comes to work, that family spirit isn't left at the doorstop. It's the driving force behind my desire to lead, not just in the household but in the community too. I'm on a mission to build a team that feels less like colleagues and more like a tight-knit crew - friends who've got each others backs. We're not just working together; we're growing together, creating a space where everyone can thrive.

So, join me on this journey as we bring a bit of that family magic into your home. We're not just putting together beautiful kitchens or bathrooms; it's more than that. Our goal is to make a real impact on the people we work with. We're not just creating spaces; we're contributing to personal growth and making lives better through our craft.

-Nathan Saleniuc, Owner
St. Louis native and owner of Moda Kitchen and Bath, Nathan Saleniuc
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Absolute Top Quality
Your kitchen or bath will be built to last for generations, with high-quality building materials and innovative building methods that go far beyond what is required by building code.
Early Involvement
Most general contractors don’t come to the party until the construction bidding process has begun. Moda starts working with you right from the start, providing expert assistance even before you have a design chosen and architect retained.
Value Engineering
Early involvement allows us to help value engineer your project, identifying where it’s worth investing more money and where a less costly option will provide the results you desire.
On-going Relationship
Long after we give you back your kitchen or bath, we’ll still be standing behind your home. You’ll enjoy full-coverage warranty during year one, and additional warranties up to year 5.home maintenance program.
White Glove Service
From tear down to finished project we handle all aspects of construction, including permitting, project management, problem solving and quality control. Our goal is to take the stress associated with remodeling off your shoulders, simplifying a very complicated process for you.
Far from the typical “one man show”  Moda has a network of trusted subcontractors. You’ll have a remodeler with the bandwidth to properly manage your new kitchen or bath project, pay close attention to all of the details and provide the incomparable client service you deserve.
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