Make Your Master Bathroom a Retreat

December 23, 2023

Your home should be your haven, a sanctuary where you can escape the demands of daily life, and this includes your master bath. It's the first place you visit in the morning and the final stop before bedtime. At Moda Kitchen and Bath, we understand that no indulgence is too extravagant for your master bathroom, from state-of-the-art electronics to spa-like amenities. Here are some tips to help you create the master bathroom retreat you deserve.

Crafting an Exquisite Master Bath
If you're envisioning a space where you can prepare for the day or unwind, the first step is to assess your space's potential. A cramped, poorly designed bathroom won't exude luxury. Consider if you need more counter space, an extra sink, or perhaps a freestanding soaking tub as the centerpiece. Walk-in showers or steam showers with multiple shower heads are gaining popularity. Storage and closet space are crucial elements, so consult with Moda Kitchen and Bath experts to determine the best floor plan for your space and budget.

Master Bathroom Personalization
Once you've optimized your master bath space, it's time to infuse it with your personal style. Follow these tips:

1. Choose colors that match the mood you want to create. Blues, greens, and neutrals provide a calming atmosphere, while reds and oranges are invigorating. White offers a crisp, clean feel.
2. Coordinate the master bathroom's color palette and style with the master bedroom for a sophisticated and cohesive look.
3. Opt for unique lighting such as a stunning chandelier to add warmth and a custom touch.
4. Add character to a smaller space with patterned wallpaper or bold statement tiles, complemented by neutral walls.
5. Soften the room with luxurious curtains, plush seating, and cozy rugs. Consider a faux fur rug for a bold look in front of a soaker tub.

Bathroom with bold tile, white walls, and a clawfoot bathtub. Renovation by Moda Kitchen and Bath.

Transforming Your Bathroom into a Sanctuary
Having created a beautiful master bath that reflects your personality, a few extra touches can elevate it from a mere bathroom to a master retreat:

1. Keep the space clutter-free, especially if you share it with family members. Designate storage spaces to hide toys and laundry.
2. Embrace high-tech features like heated flooring, remote control toilets with built-in bidets, and television installations for a modern touch.
3. Alternatively, create a serene atmosphere by unplugging from technology. Consider towel heater racks, oil diffusers, or scented candles to enhance relaxation.

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